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Thread: Extended Horizon dive op in Maui

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    im so sorry you are going to miss out on Extended Horizons!! if you are comfortable with shore dives ask extended is they could take you to the Mala wharf . Mike the dive guide took us and we has a blast!!!!
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    From the photo, it looks like a 30' boat. Not 9' zodiac small, but not Oasis of the Seas large...
    Neither is Extended Horizon's but they do fine running over to Lana'i every day.


    Hawaaiian Rafting goes over there with this one also:


    All the Kihei boats (South Maui) go in off the boat ramp so they're trailered also.

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    Well we ended up doing two days with Lahaina divers and one with Hawaiian rafting. Lahaina divers might be OK if you were a newbie but it was definitely not for us. They were very short dives (nothing over 35 minutes even when the depth was only 30 ft max) and they didn't do a good job guiding you on the dive. we dove the Mala pier with them and they just said get in and if you can see concrete you are good, see you at 4:30. Hawaiian rafting on the other hand was great! they were very laid back and in no hurry at all. the boat was a little smaller and if you were a newbie you might not like the back roll entry and the surge on Lanai but we loved them. Brain even did a shore dive with us Saturday morning at Mala pier and it was an awesome dive! I would definitely recommend them if you are on this end of the island.Here are a couple of pics of the diving with Hawaiian rafting.
    First Catherdral.JPGKeri and Turtle.JPGMike and Turtle.JPGTurtle..JPG
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