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Thread: Scientific diving

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    Scientific diving

    Hey folks

    Only one organisation here in my own country seems to provide scientific diver training and it doesn't look cheap. Do we have any divers who do a lot of scientific work here? Would any of them be able to comment on the courses offered (both in the US and abroad if you have experience) and maybe comment on the usefulness of the certification professionally?

    As a studying marine biologist I'm keen, but the price tag (one department of conservation member told me it was a couple thousand, but the website doesn't quote prices.

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    IDK about here but there's some on ScubaBoard. Mostly AAUS as that's the primary U.S. cert agency often required by research facilities. There's one DSO - Dive Safety Officer - who was working in South Florida who posted regularly last winter in response to program questions - haven't seen anything more recent than that. Google this for pages of links you can follow up on.


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    Thanks! I will give that a shot.

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