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    First video

    Went out to Clear Springs Scuba Park today and tried out my GoPro 3+ on a mono pole. I ended up filming around an hour of video. Here is a few minutes of me goofing around. Be gentle it is my first every video:

    I didn't spend much time editing it and did no color correction.
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    Not bad for a first video! I read your other thread about accidentally not filming one entire dive, so I can understand having limited material to work with.

    I thought you did a good job on holding the camera steady, and not panning around too fast. These are often the biggest problems people have.

    Suggestions for next time:
    Take LOTS of video. Memory cards are cheap. You should expect to spend about 3 - 4 times the entire dive time in editing your footage into a good short film. Try to create the "story of the dive" to bring the viewer along for whole thing. That doesn't mean show every minute, but all the highlights.

    Show the topside view of the location, show the entry, show all the cool things you saw during the dive, maybe show the exit.

    Sometimes this requires filming the same thing multiple times. Turn the camera around and film yourself a few times. Set the camera on a tripod or steady surface to film yourself going away or heading towards a spot.

    During editing, keep your scenes to about 5 - 10 seconds per shot to keep the viewer interested. You can have many shots of the same feature, but break it up into chunks.

    Great first start, I look forward to seeing your next one!
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    I thought it was a pretty good video for your first time. 10 seconds per subject is a good way to go. As in 10 seconds on this fish 10 seconds on this rope 10 seconds on the next fish and so on.
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    The video was my first posted video. I actually have around 25 minutes of video. Above is just a quick 4 minutes from the dive. I still have another video to create from the footage but it is going to be a lot harder to put the remaining part into a good, cohesive story. I have a video of the stairs as I swim away from them then I go below the water. After that is a lot of green water which I'll cut out. Then I need to transition to something interested. The transitions will be the hardest part because some of the video is at 20 feet, some is at 4 feet, some is overcast and some has plenty of sunlight. I actually have around 3 times the video of the fish. I was hoping to find a turtle but didn't find any.

    I thought about turning the camera around and filming myself. Still not comfortable with my buoyancy when I have the camera in my hands. Have to work on buoyancy before I can smoothly flip the camera around. Never thought about leaving the camera behind and swimming away from it. That is a great idea. Definitely have to try that.

    Didn't think about how long I kept one scene. I'll apply that tip to my next edit. I still have more footage from that day. When I find some time I'll throw together a second video.

    Went to Lake Travis today and put in 2 hours but the visibility was horrible. Deep was 5 to 10 feet but REALLY dark. Staying above 20 feet and the visibility was 3 to 5 feet. WAY too much backscatter when I was shallow enough for ambient light plus most the things I found were beer cans, beer bottles and lots of cheap sunglasses. I did find a bra (32G). I left it but my dive buddy found it and brought it back to the boat.

    I'm definitely going to have to invest in some good lighting. I'm thinking 1000+ lumens.
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