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Thread: DivaCup and IUD question for the WOMEN!!

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    Question DivaCup and IUD question for the WOMEN!!

    Here is my disclaimer... if you are a man you probably want to stop reading here (even though I know that just makes you want to read it more lol).. This will probably be more information than you ever wanted to hear about... lol

    Ok ladies... so I have the paraguard IUD and have had it for almost a year... I am getting ready to go on a cruise next month where we will be on a diving boat at each excursion.. so I decided to try the divacup... I've been reading about whether they are compatible and have come a lot saying they have no problem and a few saying they did... so I tried it today and love my new divacup... BUT... the suction on that thing is ridiculous!!! So I've tried to make sure that I break the seal before removing but am worried that the suction is going to dislodge my IUD... so my question is do you have an IUD and use a divacup (or anything like it)... if so what are your experiences??

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    Menstrual cups are always safe to use. There are so many brands available in the market like Diva, Keeper, Cupissima etc for cup menstruelle with different sizes and shapes, so you have lot of choices to try. Most important thing to look for is the material of which it is made up of , like always go for the medical silicone material which is safe for vagina.

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