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Thread: Environmental sealing & Corrosion

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    Environmental sealing & Corrosion

    Hi folks

    So, my atomic regs are environmentally sealed (with much help from the lovely folks at Scubatoys I might add!) and I primarily sought this because of the fact that much of my diving is cold, and the potential for ice or sub-polar diving is very much on the cards. However, it has got me wondering what the effect the environmental seal has on corrosion. Is my first stage significantly less likely to suffer damage if I say, forget to rinse it after a dive? I don't know that much about how the internal components work but if it means I can worry less about my relatively pricey regulators corroding from the inside then I would be extra pleased with the choice to seal them.


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    Given that environmentally sealed is for the outer portion of the reg, that area between the case and the diaphragm, there is still a good chance of water getting into the inner portion so the risk of corrosion is still good if not taken care of right. There's less rick of a diaphragm freezing and all, but even environmentally sealed can let in some water. Have fun with the sub-polar diving. I'm jealous.

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    Thanks for that, I couldn't find much in the way of info on the corrosion resistance environmental seals provide but what I did find suggested they might be given they keep dirt out. Guess I will have to remain extra careful not to let them go unwashed after each dive.

    I'll bother a seal just for you Navy.

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