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Thread: Hello new here, looking for scuba beginner setup

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    Hello new here, looking for scuba beginner setup

    Hi there, I wasn't sure where to post this but, I was looking for a good BCD and regulator(and octopus) and perhaps a mask(i may need prescription for seeing, but if there is a good mask for good price ill buy it and just use contact lenses), and a drop leg knife(with black blade if possible) for around 500 - 600 dollars?

    Preferably with military type specs/look, and I will be needing a frame-less mask, unless a normal one of good quality will do fine (i don't know if its the quality of the masks i used in training, or my facial structure that it starts to hurt and get sore). Preferably fully blacked out in color for all the gear.

    I am looking for an all weather set, as I live in a place with cold water; but would like to use it for warm water when i travel

    I am looking to buy this stuff for myself at christmas time

    thanks guys

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    I have a full Mares Setup. What size BC do you wear? A mask you can't buy online. You have to try a bunch on and then buy that make and model.
    --Zeagle Eagle

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