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Thread: Incompatible thread sizes on !st stage

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    Question Incompatible thread sizes on !st stage

    Hi, I have been diving for the last 40 years with my trusty US divers Calypso iv regulator and trailing gauges. I hooked my gear onto an over inflated tank a month ago and ruined my contents gauge. (US divers brand also) In looking around for another set of trailing gauges, I have found that the thread size of the modern hoses where they screw into the 1st stage of my regulator are 10mm thread size, whereas my first stage takes approx 8mm threads. Are adapters available to solve this problem or makes of trailing gauges that have the correct thread size? Cheers, Mark

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    Yes they do make adapters for that exact purpose. You are looking at $14.95. I would have to order it but if you want it I can get it here in a little over a week.

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