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Thread: Underwater GPS

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    My picture attachment didn't show up :-(. $850 is a bit high (though I still have my integrity!). In comparison to other underwater navigation systems, such as the one Rich Keller was inquiring about, it's far more affordable. I recall looking at those and they were around $1600+ dollars.

    Using this I always have a direction of where to go, which helps a lot. No complaints here. I haven't seen these at DiveShops, but hope they do so you peeps can get a chance to use one!

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    I did a cursory web search and the only place it seems you can get one is from Desertstar - $975 (web special $775) . has it listed but currently unavailable.

    I once saved a man in Wichita just to watch him dive...(inventor)

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    Hi everyone,

    We have built true underwater GPS for divers and for ROVs/AUVs as well.
    It is an acoustic based system: four floating buoys provide navigation for unlimited number of navigational receivers (simultaneously).
    And of course, it is commercially availible.

    Position fix update rate: 1 Hz (nominal)
    Maximal distance: up to 3000 m
    Depth rating: 140 m for diver navigators and 300 m for ROV/AUV soulution.

    Diver navigational receiver writes its own track (in absolute geographic coordinates + depth), which can be downloaded from the device. Route functions, waypoints, ability to save points etc.

    Please, visit our twitter: (sorry, it is mainly in Russian, but there are few images and a video), and I will answer all your questions here (if any).

    P.S. sorry for my poor English

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