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Thread: Best beginner photography kit?

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    Thumbs up Best beginner photography kit?


    So if someone were in the market for photography equipment but was an absolute beginner, dived occasionally, what would you recommend?

    Any advice or opinions would be amazing.

    Thanks so much

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    I'm seeing more GoPro rigs than anything else. Last Blackbeard I was on had 8 of them. 2 others had traditional rigs with arms and lights and gadgets.... My buddy that I got paired with on the boat had a GoPro. We would look at video off of it on his laptop between dives. I could not believe the quality coming out of that little camera. I have since got one myself and am playing with it in the pool. Taking it to Florida next month so we will see. For price, size and video quality I don't see how you can go wrong. I'm sure that the photo/video elite need something more but looks like it will do just fine for us commoners.
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