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Thread: Drysuits and Hoods

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    Drysuits and Hoods

    Purchased a used drysuit from a friend, I need a new hood anyway. Advantages of a Drysuit hood over Hodd with bib and tucking, or ...vise versa. Any preferences? I'm considering the Waterproof 5mm or Bare?

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    I would say in the end when it comes to dry suits and hoods it is mostly about convenience and functionality. If you have a drysuit that has a collar on it that can accommodate the bibbed hood then that's great for function but you still have to deal with the neck seal and the hood interfering with each other. most commonly people go with the non bibbed so as to not have to deal with that factor. However you end up with that small line of skin that is slightly exposed. The Waterproof is nice since it has the smaller bib on it so it will reach far enough to cover everything but not too far as to cause problems. Depending on which Bare hood you are looking at they can be pretty nice as well. The material of the Elastek hood is far more comfortable on the face and skin. The stretch is pretty convenient for donning and doffing.

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