Scubatoys is proud to be one of the few to offer the a pre-order list for one of the first Sidekick video lights once they come out. The Sidekick and the Sidekick Duo is smaller than any other video light out there and with 800 Lumens it is more than enough for a GoPro. Click here to get on the list for the limited quantity release. Shipping mid to late April. The first batch will be special edition machined from Aluminum. The the first batch they will die cast.

You go to extraordinary lengths to find yourself in epic moments but the lighting is almost never adequate to get a good shot. With Sidekick Flood as a companion you have perfect lighting wherever you go. Now you can shine a little light on your adventure with a design that weighs less than the GoPro and leverages existing GoPro mounts with a simple adapter. This is the perfect GoPro companion light - ready to transform mediocre POV footage into truly epic imagery.


If you have any questions regarding this light, please feel free to contact me.