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Thread: Why do you night dive?

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    Lots of fish. Plus I find it relaxing. Only done it once, though
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    BlackBeards full moon whatever! Not much longer and I can make that trip too. I love night diving for all the reasons everyone has mentioned. Honestly though jumping into a black ocean or waiting to get back in the boat creeps me out.

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    It always freaks out the DM when you turn off your light. They think you're having a problem but you get to see things with moonlight. At Dahab as you come back to the shore at the Lighthouse you can see the ligyhts of the boardwalk with at 30 ft. Really neat.

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    one of my favorite night dives i did not actually dive. i had a terrible head cold and was stuck on shore.BUT i watched a group of divers, one of which was Hubby, dive it was on the Hilma Hooker in Bonaire. i knew where they were for the whole dive i watched their lights and saw then go down over the ledge and i could tell when they got to the Hilma! their lights were going every which way up and down and back and forth and in a circle when they were signaling that they are OK. by the time they were done with their dive it was VERY dark so i pointed my flashlight toward then and they cam right back to the truck. they were very grateful that I shone the light since they were not able to see where to get out. what a fun dive!

    another night dive we took Boy Scouts to Sea Base in Florida. This was our boys first night dive. they all stopped for some reason and when we turned to look at them they were facing each other in a circle at about 20 ft their lights were all pointing down to the sand. i almost laughed my reg out of my mouth they looked like an alien craft landing. very cool.

    night diving is surreal and peaceful... well except for the tarpon swim bys..

    i have seen many octopusses display their colors and textures at night

    oh and then there was the Manta Ray dive off the coast of Hawaii!!!! talk about AWESOME. the Mantas would swim within inches of us and there was no wave was like the ocean opened and let the Manta through.. they are playful and tapped on my head as they swam by. 45 minutes of bliss.....
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    of course it's not blue water but diving at Beaver entering the water right before sundown and exiting in the dark allows you to see the stripers that come up from the deep to feed. The bigger fish seem to come up from the deep to the shallows to check it out. The monster mudbugs that live there their eyes glow red at night very cool
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    +1 to what everyone said - except I don't like wrecks even in the daytime. At night I'd get seriously creeped out. I also don't like getting out of the water and breaking down my gear while being eaten alive by mosquitos.

    I saw my first octopus on a night dive. It was a baby and almost transparent. It was so cool. I also got a 75 wide beam 700 lumen video light to use as my primary. You see a lot more with the wider beam and it has 3 levels of brightness.

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