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Thread: strobe for snorkeling ?

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    strobe for snorkeling ?

    My wife and I are avid snorkelers and generally swim in 15 to 30 foot of water. I've been taking pictures with my Olympus 7070 camera and ikelite housing. My housing has a tray with an arm for attaching a loc line and a sync connector on the back.
    My pictures come out alright when I dive down but are filled with mainly blue hues.

    Will a strobe like the ikelite ds 51 package improve my shots?
    Being that we are snorkeling from the shore and at all times of day the water clarity is not usually crystal clear
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    In my very unprofessional opinion, I would think there was plenty of natural light at that depth. If you are getting green or blue tones though it would help. I would try to set the white balance at depth first.
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