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    Turks and Caicos

    Looking for some help. We are thinking of going to Turks and Caicos but have never been and have no idea where to stay or who to dive with. Anybody have any experience in going there? Thank you.

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    Realistically there's either Provo (Providenciales) or Grand Turk. Provo is where the airport is. Grand Turk is where the cruise port is. Most people on Provo stay in/near the Grace Bay area - north side and slightly east - one of the nicest beaches in the world. Or Turtle Cove mid-island to the west - several of the shops keep a boat there.

    There's everything from 5star plus resorts, AI resorts (Club Med or Beaches) to the Comfort Suites in Grace Bay which is adjacent to a shopping center but not beachfront. There's also an assortment of private homes/villas all over the island. Based on what I saw, anything on the south side is a pretty long drive to everything, food store, restaurants etc. Most of the nightlife is in Grace Bay as are the majority of restaurants etc. One or two? casinos also.

    There's also boat diving off Grace Bay and at the northwest point of the island - often called NW Point in literature since I think that's the name of the area also. The reef is about 500yds. out there so too far to swim. Several shops run daily morning trips out to nearby sites.

    The really good diving from Provo is elsewhere though - the uninhabited islands of West Caicos and French Cay. A In order to get there from Provo the shops will pick you up in a shuttle and take you to a south side marina and their (usually) bigger boat(s). Takes about 1/2 hr to make all the pickups etc. Then it's about a 45min. boat ride to either West Caicos or French Cay - 2-3 dives plus lunch and return. 2 dives gets you back to your resort around 2:30, 3 around 4:30. Lots of sharks, rays, cuda, turtles, big lionfish, etc. Off French Cay you might see all that one dive, the reef is super healthy since in places there's a 6000' wall so stuff flows up.

    Grand Turk is much smaller. A local flight from Provo. Bohol Dive Resort is there and there's a couple others. I believe there's only 3 dive operators besides Bohol and one is very cruise focused. Most of the diving there will be one of 40 wall dive sites just off Grand Turk. In a couple places you can shore dive the wall with a surface swim out. As mentioned the cruise port is there as well - that must multiply the local population daily. I have not been but I get the impression that there may be a stoplight now on Grand Turk - it's a pretty quiet place.

    I know very little about Salt Cay/diving. There is one operator that either is based there or brings a boat over on demand. It's pretty small, only two restaurants etc. I don't know how you get there from Provo. I've only seen it mentioned once or twice by someone who goes there. I don't think they're people that do a lot of dives.

    There's also two liveaboards out of Provo, an Aggressor and an Explorer. We did the Explorer trip, they hit all the best of what I mentioned above.

    I'm sure you've seen this but:

    If you happen to have been to the Caymans - it's very similar. Crystal clear blue/green water, better beaches, warm all year round. Equally as pricey also - maybe more so since there's more upscale properties than on Cayman.

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    Thank you divesteve appreciate the info I'll look at the site you gave.

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