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    Scuba Divers Tag

    Keep your emergency information handy on your BCD at all times.

    With the new Scuba Diver Tag you can feel safe knowing that in an emergency others will be able to make the right decisions for you without you having to be conscious. You can put your DAN info, emergency contacts and medical needs on the tag. With the Dive flag on the front boldly boasting how many dives you have under your belt as well. Some dive operations will ask you for this information prior to taking you out diving but for those that do not this is the next best thing. For on $19.95 you can feel safe knowing it is there. This is a great thing for all divers, professional and recreational. We asked all of our staff to carry one on their gear.

    Divers Tag 1.jpgDivers Tag 2.jpgDivers Tag 3.jpg

    If you are interested in getting one or a few for a discount just click here. ScubaDiverTag If you wouldn't mind, please mention our name on the affiliate line.
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