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Thread: Ranger VS Tech 10 VS Covert

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    Ranger VS Tech 10 VS Covert

    I am new to scuba diving (I am not even certified yet), but I want to get all my gear asap because I am just excited to start. I am pretty much settling on Zeagle for my first BCD since they seem to make the best BCDs overall. I am debating on getting the Ranger, Tech 10 or Covert. I am not even sure how much lift I would need for any condition, but I do plan to do some traveling with my scuba gear. Is the Tech 10 overkill for a beginner? I do like the Coverts small streamline and travel friendly design, but will 32 pounds of lift be enough for Socal water diving? I eventually want to do spearfishing and other activities.

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    The lift on the Covert for cold water diving is likely right on the edge of what you'll need in SoCal or even a little under since you'll be diving a very buoyant wetsuit - or drysuit - and need a lot more weight to sink. An additional factor is the Covert only comes with 16lb weight capacity in the pockets. And they're not changeable. You'll need more weight than in SoCal that so will need to add a weight belt. Nice travel option though, I've seen one come out of a carry-on all rolled up on a boat once.

    A Ranger with the 44# wing is more in line with what's needed in SoCal - I know several people out there that have one. It also has both the front and rear weight pockets and I believe the combined capacity is 52lbs. - more than you'll ever need. I have a friend with a Ranger - he's about 6' 200lbs. and dives it in SoCal in a 7mil suite with a jacket over it. I own an LTD also and would have no issues diving it in SoCal except I don't dive there.

    Another option - and I'd ask a local dealer if it has enough lift for your conditions - is the Stiletto. It has a slightly larger wing at 35lbs., a Ripcord plus trim weight pockets - 40lb. total capacity. Zeagle calls it a "travel" BC also even though it weighs 7lbs. It's only a single tank system, I believe the wing is sewn in and the lumbar pad is also. Bungied wing, nice BC I briefly owned one but it was too small - I bought the wrong size.

    You don't need a Tech 10 unless you plan to salvage anchors or something. 65 lb standard wing is designed for doubles or really fat people. And they have optional bigger wings in case you want to salvage the boat motor along with the anchor. That much wing flopping around causes drag. On a single tank it "tacos" around the tank also which causes more drag. And the air at the top edge of the "taco" is above the dumps when horizontal so good luck getting that out. I have a 66lb. wing on my doubles setup because the extra tank size holds the wing flatter.

    I really don't get that model, it's "tech" in that you hang everything off the d-rings instead of pockets, has way too much lift for normal diving and a backplate/wing will do a better job at the same tasks with better attachment points. I'd be a little concerned that the lifting points are right below the BC closure also - I guess that's why they give you two clips.

    Pretty sure the Tech10 is discontinued now anyway, it's not on the current Zeagle website and Leiusure Pro has them for about 1/2 off on a closeout - that's usually why.

    Honestly you should really talk to your local instructor before making a decision. Many people buy the correct gear the 2nd time. If they're a Zeagle dealer you should be able to get anything the same day if your desire is to use it in class - which is not a bad idea - learn skills/muscle memory on the gear you'll be diving.

    my .02

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    Scubatoys can put together a package deal, if you give them a call.
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