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Thread: NEW SCUBA website to review Dive Professionals

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    Thumbs up NEW SCUBA website to review Dive Professionals

    This week we launched a new SCUBA website Scuba Pro Reviews is your one stop to find a dive pro based on reputation. Letís face it there are some dive businesses out their that just barley meet the minimum standards of their agency and some go above and beyond to give you the best experience possible.

    Dive Professionals - Claim your listing today. With the free listing you will be able to update your info to make sure it is right and be notified when your students leave a review. There are additional plan options if you are looking for more exposure.

    Divers - the best compliment you can leave your favorite instructor or dive shop is a testimonial. Search the listings and leave a review for your favorite dive instructor, or charter service. is your one stop to find a dive pro based on reputation.

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    I think that you're going to get sued. Those dudes at ScubaPro are pretty protective of their trademark.
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    It will be fine we are not using their likeness and the name is different we do not sell gear or compete with ScubaPro at all. We reviewed it with our council and Scuba Pro is used in many marketing campaign including all of the certifying bodies. is your one stop to find a dive pro based on reputation.

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