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Thread: Mares 22 navy ii

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    Mares 22 navy ii

    I am thinking about upgrading my 16 year old regs to this any one have them or any suggestions to something comparable would like a cold water setup.

    Thanks in advance

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    I used to dive an Abyss but it's been years since it got wet. It was a great reg but got some good deals on Apeks and wouldn't change now. The Apeks just work. Warm, cold, deep, deep and cold they just keep working.

    Currently I dive Apeks. XTX50. No need to get the most expensive. The older ATX50 and now the XTX50 have a good following in the tec community and for a good reason. Only problem I've ever had was one wanted to leak a little air out of the second stage but that was after a few hundred dives. It really should have been serviced sooner. I've dived them down to 38-39 degrees with no issues.

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    I will check them out thanks!

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