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Thread: Palau or North or South Raja Ampat?

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    Palau or North or South Raja Ampat?

    Looking to go for the big 40th Birthday - can not decide between Palau, North RA or South RA - we only have 1 week of diving, so multiple destination is not possible, don't want to do Live aboard either

    We are both advanced divers with 200+ dives, so we are looking for something amazing

    Any help to make our decision would be great!

    Thanks in advance

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    the big issue with Palau is location of the reefs, the BEST diving and animals is over an hour by boat from town on the main island. A liveaboard will get you to dive sites in 5-10 minutes, so you can do 4-5 dives per day. The liveaboards don't move around much, staying in a harbor, and with most of them you dive from a small boat. It is really easy and not like most liveaboard experiences. I HIGHLY recommend doing Palau by liveaboard for this reason, as long as youa re both divers. If one person is not diving, then you would want land based hotel and dive op. Diving from land based there means the diver gets on a boat after breakfast, and doesn't return until late afternoon. Boat travel = 1 hour, dive, then 2 hour surface interval with lunch, then another dive, then 1 hour travel back. It is all day for 2 dives.

    I have not been to RA, but from my friends who have done it... diving is great, but they all dive liveaboards.

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