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You took the time and spent the money to earn your Open Water Certification, so now you’re ready to take a dive trip! Or maybe you earned your OW years ago, and feel you’ve done okay on the occasional dives you’ve done so far.

So why bother spending more time and money taking an Advanced Open Water course?

If you can answer “No” to any of the following statements (come on, be honest!), you might want to consider taking another course or two:

  1. I can safely gear up and do a “backward roll” and a “giant stride” off a boat.

  1. I’m comfortable diving in low light conditions, such as overcast skies, rain, dusk, dawn, and even at night.

  1. If the visibility was bad, I would be able to determine which direction I was heading if I was separated from my group; I could likely find shore or the boat.

  1. I feel comfortable diving deeper than 60’ or I’d know what to do if I found myself deeper than 75’.

  1. Buoyancy is not a problem for me, even when I’m wearing different gear or in different conditions.

  1. If I found myself on a dive trip in a resort destination and the divemasters appeared to be a little indifferent, I could rely on myself and my buddy if they weren’t paying attention and something went awry.

  1. I can operate an underwater camera while monitoring my depth, location and proximity of my buddy (assuming you have an underwater camera).

  1. I feel comfortable on a drift dive, where I enter in one location and exit another in a strong current.

  1. I rarely have to do long surface swims and can ascend close to my destination.

  1. I can usually dive wreck dives, even if they are 100’ down.

First, having the knowledge and ability to feel comfortable swimming and breathing underwater is pretty amazing in and of itself. However, wouldn’t it be awesome to answer “Yes” to the most or all of the questions above? Why not take your diving knowledge and comfort to the next level — hone the skills you’ve learned and add new ones?
Here are just a few advantages of taking an Advanced Open Water course.


  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to do night, wreck and drift dives.
  • Reduce anxiety, which conserves air and enables you to enjoy longer dives.
  • Learn navigation skills and how to avoid long surface swims.
  • Learn how to safely exit and enter a boat with your gear.
  • Be a safer diver for yourself and your buddy if something goes wrong.
  • Explore fun activities such as underwater photography and diver propulsion vehicles!

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