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Thread: Thinking about trying underwater photography?

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    I think a general photography class tied to a underwater photo class would be more helpful. Most people that take good underwater photos understand aperture, shutter, and ISO settings. You likely will take mediocre to poor quality photos underwater if you do not understand what to chose in those settings, and shoot in either manual mode or shutter priority mode. Shooting in manual mode or shutter priority are probably the only way you will get very good pictures on a consistent basis. A strobe is necessary for good color, unless you are shooting in shallow water with a good amount of ambient light. A strobe will allow you to use fast enough shutter speeds to avoid blurry photos.

    If you shoot in Auto mode the camera is going to choose a wide aperture, a slow shutter speed, and a high ISO. The wide aperture will result in a shallow depth of field which is good sometimes. The high ISO will equate to grainy lower quality photos, which may not matter much if you do not print your pictures. A slow shutter speed will create blurry, out of focus pictures. A blurry photo is not very appealing regardless of other content.

    A point & shoot or DSLR can both produce good quality photos with the correct settings, and either a strobe or good ambient light.

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    Maybe Ned Deloach or Adriana Basques.
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    It doesn't matter as long as you dive with splits.

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