Fiber optic Snoot for INON Z-240

Follow up after testing it out; may need to add another FO arm for the focus light.

Arm 1 = 4mm FO (lower intensity)
Arm 2 = 7mm FO (higher intensity)
Arm 1 + arm 2 = Max intensity.
Having 2 arms will allow easy switch for 2 lighting intensity without fiddling with the knob/switch on the strobe.

FOptics (D4mm & D7mm solid core jacketed.) = Found on Ebay.
Rockline arms = Found on Ebay
Rockline fastening nylon nut = Have to look really hard on Ebay, or can substitute with brass nut. (I's lazy to look into hardware catalogs.)
-or- threaded into the Delrin Snoot Cover
Snoot Cover = Machined Delrin
Snoot Cover fastening into the snoot: M3 x 20mm Stainless Steel Capscrews

Total cost: around USD40 not including labour.