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Thread: Diving and Diabetes

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    Question Diving and Diabetes

    This is a topic that comes up quite frequently in diving circles, mainly because of older divers or others who are most susceptible. Check and see how much you know about diving and diabetes and whether or not it's considered an absolute contraindication for diving anymore. Take the DAN quiz!
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    I have type 2 diabetes & my Dr ( a diver) does not restrict my diving. However my brother & I restrict our diving to less than 60 minutes & max depth of 100, preferring around 60 ft as we find more fish and better coral. Plus we only do 2 dives a day unless we do a night dive. We both will call a dive any time one of us feels uncomfortable with conditions or physical symptoms. We both called a dive for indigestion one night, we both turned to each other at the same time & pointed up. We both had eaten something that was eating on us. We are senior divers & respect our age and the ocean. I keep a pretty close eye on my guclose levels as I'm on a diet. I carry quick sugar as well as long term sugar snacks all the time.

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