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Thread: looking for weight integrated BCD

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    looking for weight integrated BCD

    Time to retire my 20 yr old Tusa BCD. Looking for a modern weight integrated BCD, perhaps one that can easily be converted from 1 to 2 tanks, but this feature not required. What's available? Recomended?

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    When my time comes to replace my BCD, I think I'm going to take a long look at the Zeagle Brigade:

    I've heard a lot of great things about this BCD from others and it looks pretty damn cool.


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    A Zeagle Ranger can take doubles. One of two ways - either with a doubles kit or by adding their backplate. I'd go with the latter for stability if they're big doubles. It's a pretty easy process - you just re-route the bands and/or add the plate and bolt on the twins. It also has two weight integration options and rear trim weight pockets. The Ripcord system drops both front pockets together - the Zip-touch requires dropping each side separately. The back pockets also have velcro openings. I've been diving one for a decade now with no problems. One nice feature on the Zeagle line is their BX inflator - you unscrew the inflator itself and attach a garden hose to flush the BC bladder.

    A Brigade is actually a Ranger jacket with an Escape wing. It's a lot cheaper option. I assume - but do not know - that it takes the doubles kit also. I've never had any trouble packing my Ranger but neither is going into a carry-on. Scubatoys also mentions/sells the Stiletto but that's single tank only - I owned one of them once also.

    Actually an Express Tech can also but I'd get a bigger wing for doubles. They can be bought with a 25/34 lb. wing standard but you can also add some of the bigger wings - maybe all of them. I know a guy with a 44lb. wing from a Ranger on his Express Tech. It also takes either Zeagle weight system.

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    I have a buddy who dives singles and doubles on his Dive Rite Transpac.

    It's a really comfortable rig. It's especially nice if you need to walk any distance to reach the water.
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    If I were looking to get a BCD that will accommodate both single and double tanks I would most certainly look at the Zeagle Ranger first. The Ranger is by far the most durable recreational style BCD that can also accommodate doubles without having to alter anything. Plus it comes with the industry best warranty (Lifetime). I personally dive the Zeagle Brigade which is basically the same thing just without the larger bladder needed to support doubles. However if you intend to dive single tank the majority of the time you might want to consider that and possibly a larger wing to have standing by in case you decide to go doubles.

    The next option I like would be the Dive Rite Transpac. Very versatile in options and styles. Gives you the ability to rig it up for singles or doubles as well. However with it you would probably want to own two different wings for sure as the larger wings used for doubles aren't so nice for diving single tanks.

    Just some food for thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmburg View Post
    Time to retire my 20 yr old Tusa BCD. Looking for a modern weight integrated BCD, perhaps one that can easily be converted from 1 to 2 tanks, but this feature not required. What's available? Recomended?
    What sort of diving will you be doing?
    What is your budget?
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    Been there done that. Bought the Zeagle Ranger and loved it. Now that I'm not diving doubles I've been thinking about selling it. Size large if you are interested.

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