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Thread: New Destination in Indonesia

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    New Destination in Indonesia

    Hi All..
    does anyone of you guys know a place in Indonesia that is out of the normal tourists routes?
    I am talking about a place where the diving is good, there are not many divers underwater.. and possibly not in expensive and far places like Raja Ampat or Alor, ecc..
    ideally i would land in Bali and then i would take another local flight to... somewhere quiet where i can get good dives and relax..
    Any ideas?

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    Belongas Bay in South Lombok.

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    Yeah... i know that place and a know a dive operator there.. there is a dive site called Tha Magnet to spot hammerhead sharks.
    First it is not guarateed to see any shark but the wall is supposed to be amazing a full of coral.. strong current is always there.
    It seems also that due to the sea condition it is not even guaranteed to be able to reach the dive spot...
    Do you guys have any idea about Moyo iisland and Sumbawa?
    that is just 45 min flight away from Bali... pretty unkonown but must be cool..!

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    I have been reading a lot of posts about the area due to an upcoming trip. There is an op on Komodo called Scuba Junkies. They sound great. Cheap, off to themselves in a very rustic setting. I would love to make a stop on my upcoming trip but I don't have the time.

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    My wife and I dove with Thalassa Dive Resort in Manado Indonesia. Pretty good resort and dive operator.

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