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Thread: LIve from Sharm el Sheikh

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    Lightbulb LIve from Sharm el Sheikh

    HI everyone,

    i just want to open this thread to give support to anyone willing to visit Egypt or collecting info about Sharm
    I live here since 2007, I am not going to say the dive center i work for, i just want to give good advices about Diving, Parties, prices, culture, ecc...
    Or if you just have some questions to ask to a foreigner scuba diving instructor who lives underwater since many years in Sharm.. that' s me.
    THe company i work for has also dive centers in Marsa Alam and Hurgada so i can find out some info about those places too... even tho i have never live there.

    Any question is welcome.... i will try to reply as soon as i can.

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    Is there any way to dive the Thilstegorm without going on a live aboard. We have tried 3 time to arrange it on a day trip but have never been able to. We normally dive in Dahab. But have also done Sharm.

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