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Thread: Cozumel - quick trip report - March 2016

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    Cozumel - quick trip report - March 2016

    Hey all, just wanted to post a few statistics if anyone is headed out and needed to know:

    Came back 3/15 from diving a week in cozumel.

    Water temp is 78 degrees, and air temp highs in the afternoon are mid to low 80s.

    It was quite windy while I was there out of the south and it made boat rides and ladder climbs on the small 6 pack boats challenging at times.

    No eagle rays this year, last March we saw them every day, this year not a one. That's the adventure

    Lots of nurse sharks, a few turtles, as well as all the usual critters. The drift was pretty soft everywhere except out at the wall on Palancar - where it was closer to its average swiftness.

    Since the current was gentle enjoyed more opportunities to look for little things, found countless splendid toad fish, a pipe fish and seahorse here or there. Some of the smallest eels I've seen yet.

    Lots of fun to be had.

    Opals dream is still taking folks out and it was good to see Ishi again. I hope the shop manages to get their own boat out again, I've seen pictures it looks good to go, but I'm worried they lost their permits - that would be hard to get back. Currently they rent a boat and captain, I have to imagine that bites into your margins pretty hard.

    Just like after all my trips down there, I spend a week trying to figure out a way to go back down and never come back. However, I'm back making the donuts once again.

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    Thanks Rayaa. I was certified in Coz in 2008. Still my favorite.

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    Can you recommend a location (dive site) to take my wife for some snorkeling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug B View Post
    Can you recommend a location (dive site) to take my wife for some snorkeling?
    I have never visited Iberostar. Many hotels have access to snorkeling right out of the hotel or their pier. Make sure you are both aware of the currents. They run South to North but could eddy (run opposite) near the shore depending on reef etc. You can snorkel and lift your head to realize you are farther up the beach than expected. If snorkeling north of downtown, the current tend to push you away form the beach but near your hotel, they tend to push you toward the beach a little bit. Take that with a grain of salt as mother nature makes her own decisions. Depending on what dive sites you are visiting, she may go with you as a snorkeler and snorkel the reef off the same boat you are diving. They typicall charge for it. Chankanaab is about 1 mile north of you and has an adventure park that has some snorkeling. If you plan to visit downtown any days, there are many snorkeling up the coastline. Snorkeling near the Money Bar is pretty good and close to shore located about 2 miles north of you. There is a spot for shore snorkeling near the lighthouse just south of town that is good. If you take a scheduled snorkel trip you will most likely pay $50 and visit the same spots I mentioned.

    Good luck and I'm sure you will have a great time.

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