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Thread: Where To Go As A New Diver?

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    Where To Go As A New Diver?


    You're a new scuba diver.

    You've got that shiny new certification card that you can take just about anywhere to enjoy your activity of choice.

    But where should you go?

    You'll want to try places that are appropriate to your skill level. You'll want to have fun, see and learn about things scuba-related, and come back to regale friends, family and sundry others with tales of your underwater adventures. All this, of course, while building your skills in a safe and enjoyable way for even greater challenges in the future as you gain confidence.

    So read about

    BEST DIVE DESTINATIONS FOR BEGINNERS get a taste of where you can go, and share your own destinations in the comments!

    John Lewis--the PlatypusMan!

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    I would definitely agree with Bahamas - a great place to get wet as a new diver.

    I once saved a man in Wichita just to watch him dive...(inventor)

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