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Thread: Choosing the right portable charger for your smartphone

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    Choosing the right portable charger for your smartphone

    Mobile devices have come a long way in the last several years. With all the goodies, such as extra processing power, better graphics, bigger screen and higher resolution, faster 3G/4G technology, better camera resolution and quality, and prettier appearance, the devicesí batteries get overwhelmed.
    To meet the need for recharging these devices when a wall outlet is not convenient, a growing choice of the portable charger (also called external battery pack, portable battery charger, external back-up battery, external battery charger, portable battery charger, portable chargercharger, portable portable charger) has been manufactured.
    are loaded with electrical energy which can power your digital device ó such as smart phone, iPhone, MP3, MP4, camera, GPS and so on ó anywhere and any time, which makes your outdoor activities and travel more flexible and more convenient.
    It gives you the extended battery life whenever and wherever you need it while travelling on the road for many hours, relaxing on the beach or in preparation for those long hours of power rationing.
    Many phone and tablet users find out that itís not so easy to choose the right external battery for their gadget.
    There are many dissatisfied customers who have bought these portable chargers, which either fail to work or stopped functioning just a few weeks later.
    There are two types of battery cores in the portable charger market: lithium
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