Hin Saam Sao

If we’re talking to the suitable dive site for diving or making a diving skill. One of the most popular dive site is Hin Saam Sao. A Definition in Thai language is uncertain, maybe probably because the huge 3 stones are arranged in three large piles discernible from far away. The depth is around 11-16m. The new dive and also the old dive who is taking Discover Scuba Diving course and Open Water course are really fun with diving and making a diving skill because it is not too hard to dive here.

For lot of chance that brings me to dive at Hin Saam Sao for many time. I always face with a new experiences. Weathers it be Puffer, its size is about the size of basketballs, Cartoon fish, Kun with Yellow Fish etc.

Another one experience that I faced is the large space of the rock’s piles and the coral reef is very large. So it make each dive we will find a variety and exciting of coral reef. For example i used to go there when the beginning of February and I found the coral look like our brain which is on the sand floor form but is if we go around March, you may find a brain coral in a rock form. But it doesn’t mean you will always find them as me depending on the weather and current when we’re diving.

Puffer fish which is swimming in coral reef to avoid.

How do you feel with diving at Hin Saam Sao? I can actually say that it is really amazing and disappointment won’t come to divers .
You should visit by yourself, How do the 3 huge stones look like women? Thai say it is women? What is yours?

Hin Rap North

Another dive site where it is not too far from Hin Saam Sao. This dive site is easy to dive around the rock to see coral reef within 6-12m
Because of not really deep,The light that shine on the reef are glittering and the marine life is well reflex to marine. You will be passionate for a while

Coral reef prevent marine life that is growing up. And sure ! this site is suitable for make Open Water diving skill. It sound interesting.

For this two dive take only maximum 15 minute by speedboat.Save time and have more time to do other activities.
Dolphin Divers, Koh Chang, Thailand