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Thread: O-ring needed for 1/2 inch tapered thread valve

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    O-ring needed for 1/2 inch tapered thread valve

    Hey, brand new to this forum and need help.
    I have an old steel tank from 1958, just hydroed, tumbled, VIP'ed, and filled.
    However, the o-ring is not good any longer and very hard to find as it is a strange setup.
    The o-ring outside diameter is 3/4 inch, inside diameter hole 3/8 inch,
    and the back of the o-ring is FLAT. Not flat from wear, designed t be flat in the back against the actual valve.
    The valve is chrome plated brass (I believe 1/2 inch tapered thread),
    straight square vertical about 4 inches, with on/off handle at the top (like an O2 bottle design).
    Any idea where I can find replacement O-rings???

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    We here at the store had gentlemen come in with one of those just recently and after 2 months of ordering numerous o-rings that were suggested by other suppliers, we were never able to find one.

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