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Thread: O-ring needed for 1/2 inch tapered thread valve

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    O-ring needed for 1/2 inch tapered thread valve

    Hey, brand new to this forum and need help.
    I have an old steel tank from 1958, just hydroed, tumbled, VIP'ed, and filled.
    However, the o-ring is not good any longer and very hard to find as it is a strange setup.
    The o-ring outside diameter is 3/4 inch, inside diameter hole 3/8 inch,
    and the back of the o-ring is FLAT. Not flat from wear, designed t be flat in the back against the actual valve.
    The valve is chrome plated brass (I believe 1/2 inch tapered thread),
    straight square vertical about 4 inches, with on/off handle at the top (like an O2 bottle design).
    Any idea where I can find replacement O-rings???

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    We here at the store had gentlemen come in with one of those just recently and after 2 months of ordering numerous o-rings that were suggested by other suppliers, we were never able to find one.

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    I would think a tapered valve would be sealed with silicone tape. The only 1/2" valves that used a o-ring that come to mind were mostly Sportways and maybe White Stag that had a straight thread. I used an o-ring from the fire fighting SCBAs that were used to seal the valves on the old steel bottles. Who makes the valve?

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    That one is an EARLY valve. They were originally designed for the 1800 psi converted CO2 or O2 bottles. The face seal almost NEVER went bad since the replacement rings were basically just thick rubber gaskets. When we had our retail shop, we used to just stamp out replacements from rubber sheet that was about 1/4" thick. It is pretty easy to find online, but a 12" x 12" piece is going to yield a gross of them. When you punch them out, make sure that you are centered.

    Good luck!
    Ray Contreras

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