Enjoyed another great weekend at Jordon Marina on Norfork Lake. I canít believe itís been so long since we have visited.....a lot of family commitments for 2015. The diving was wet and weightless with surface water temps in the mid 80ís. The viz was okay down to about 20í feet until you hit the thermocline and can feel the water get colder and viz pretty much closed up to soup. We didnít go deep on the trip; so, not sure where it opens up under the thermocline. We enjoyed some easy diving in shorts on the upper layers.
The sites closer to the dam seemed to be clearer as always. We found many friendly fish and visited several of the many dive sites located in the lake. If you have never been to Norfork you are missing one the best diving lakes in the Midwest. The lake is geared to the diver with very few large wave creating boats. There are over 30 dive sites located on the lake from former homestead foundations left over from when the lake was created, to several sunken boats, a dynamite shack, some great wall dives, and I have even heard of a sunken plane.