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Thread: Tenkiller, Scuba Park 7-17-2016

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    Tenkiller, Scuba Park 7-17-2016

    I am back!!! I have finally been medically cleared to dive again, it has been since the middle of April that I last dove. I ended up making a solo dive at Tenkiller scuba park today. I entered the water just to the right of the ramp, there were too many students from Blue Water on the ramp. Temp at the surface was 85 degrees. Visibility was around 2 feet. I dropped down on the double boats at about 31 ft. temp was about 80 degrees, visibility was around 3-4 ft. There was a thermocline at 32-33 ft. I swam over to the single boat and then to the bus. I went around to the back of the bus, and visibility was only about a foot. I swam over the top of the bus which was at 20 ft. and then dropped down to the airplane at 33 ft. I tried to make it over to the back of the helicopter but I got too cold and decided to go the Aquanaut boat at about 32 ft. visibility was around 3-4 ft. I cleaned off a bunch of our names and decided to try the helicopter from the front. The top of the helicopter was at 35 ft. and temp was in the low 70's. I ended up doing about a 40 min. dive and enjoyed it very much. I am ready to go back and wear a thicker wetsuit and hood and go a little deeper. Hopefully visibility will improve deeper.
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    I once saved a man in Wichita just to watch him dive...(inventor)

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