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    Happy Veterans Day to all out there. I spent 6 years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club.

    A friend of mine , another vet, passed away today. He finished his fight with agent orange efects. He volunteered for the Army when it wasn't popular to, then volunteered to go to Viet Nam. He was grunt. He came back and go on with life. He started having health problems about 7 years ago, small stuff. About 2 years ago he started having breathing problems. He went to the VA Hospital in Dallas where they discovered he had skin cancer in side his lungs. They told him he was the first person to have this happen, it ended up being written up in the AMA journal. He was so far along they asked him to let them try different cocktails to see their effects in his cancer. He agreed and started the trials, some worked a little, some nothing but he kept a great attitude. He had a team of about 30 DR's across the country studying his case. He received outstanding treatment & respect at the VA Hospital even though he & they knew it was a lost cause from the start. The cancer had spread to his organs and he got so he could get around so they placed him in assisted care facility at the Hospital. Last week he started having vision problems, it had reached his brain. He told the Doctor that he wanted to go home so Thrusday he came home. This morning he passed away.
    One tough SOB who wasn't scared of anything but would give you the shirt off his back. May he now rest.

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    Our Uncle Ed just died a couple of weeks ago from Agent Orange. He was in Viet Nam in the Army.
    --Zeagle Eagle

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