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Thread: Gasoline Driven Coltri MCH6 salesman sample for sale

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    Gasoline Driven Coltri MCH6 salesman sample for sale

    I have had this compressor since 2013 and have only used it as a sample at dive shows, for presentations at dive clubs and for training for potential compressor owners. I have filled a total of five tanks during the training so this is basically a new compressor. Since I am a distributor, it will still come with full factory warranty. It is a 2013 Coltri MCH6 4.2 SCFM four cylinder, four stage compressor that will fill a standard 80 in about 15-20 minutes. It weighs about 85 pounds so can be tossed in the trunk or back seat of just about any car. The list on this compressor is $3581 and the national sale going on right now is for $2900. But I m selling this one for $2500 plus shipping. I will install a yoke or DIN filler (your choice) and include a fresh filter cartridge and some oil. Please drop me a line at if you have any questions.
    Ray Contreras

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    SOLD ... Thanks!
    Ray Contreras

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    I have another one and this time it is $2700 for gas or electric (your choice)!
    Ray Contreras

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