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Thread: Cozumel on Sunday - 3/5

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    Cozumel on Sunday - 3/5

    Jeez....almost there...4 more days.

    Headed down to my favorite place with my favorite people, to go diving with my favorite diving people. One last trip with the daughter before she heads off to college. The kiddo really grew up with diving down there. She tried a discovery dive at age 10 in Cancun...was certified at 12, and has been treated to at least 1 trip a year to Cozumel since then. She's been spoiled by every dive master that ever took her out. Taking her outside of the park they would show her what she could safely touch, what she couldn't (yeah, I know you aren't suppose to touch anything...tell that to the divemasters that spoiled my then 11-12 year old...we were north of the park when it happened...if I mentioned this on scubaboard the peanut gallery would take it apart demanding that I name the DM involved so that they could send pictures of dead baby sea turtles to their facebook pages)

    I have a sense that there's a finality to this trip with the daughter. I think once she starts college her days of taking vacations with Mom and I are done for a while. All sort of heart breaking. Hope she enjoys herself and chooses to continue the hobby after college is over and she gets through the first few years of young adulthood.

    The 3 of us will be diving with Opals Dream/Dive with Julio (you can book through either site, it's the same crew)

    Staying at Hotel Cozumel - where we always stay...close enough to town for easy dinners out...nice enough but still inexpensive AI to eat breakfast and lunch at the hotel...a dozen trips and haven't gone hungry yet.

    My dive op is a small shop that few if any have heard of (But Julio and Ishi are like family to us now). I would be shocked if anyone else from here was diving with them next week - but if you are, see you on the boat. If anyone is staying at the hotel next week...say hello to the 40's something guy with a shaved head and greying goatee. We get in Sunday afternoon and leave the following Saturday.

    If it's not me you'll just make a friend with someone else...not the worst outcome.

    Slowly exhale, relax, your brain will kick in...and if you can breath and think calmly, there's not too much you can't figure out, in any part of life.

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    Have fun! (mumbles to self" "Geez, How come I can't go to Coz... It ain't fair!")

    I once saved a man in Wichita just to watch him dive...(inventor)

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    I know the feeling Navy. Geez " what next to keep me out of the water?" grumble grumble mmphhhh!!!

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