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Thread: Ripping current on the St. Lawrence River

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    Ripping current on the St. Lawrence River

    Just got back from diving the Eastcliffe Hall wreck near Morrisburg, Ontario in the St. Lawrence River. The current on the wreck was just ripping. I don't know exactly how many knots the current was but I found an article about how they are release more water from Lake Ontario than they every have in the past. The output maximum was something like 9,200 cubic metres per second and they increased the maximum to 10,400 metres per second:

    The International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board said on its Facebook page that it agreed at a Monday meeting to boost releases to "slightly" decrease water levels on Lake Ontario, which are at a record high for June.

    The board said the 10,400 cubic metres per second outflow will be the "highest that has ever been released on a sustained basis."
    On my safety stop (3 minutes) I was holding onto the line at 20 feet and I was literally horizontal. On my second dive, it took the rubber off the palm of my glove and I started sliding up the line, no matter how tight I gripped. Would have made a great drift dive but it is in the middle of a narrow part of the commercial shipping channels. So if you drift off the wreck, you are supposed to head for a commercial buoy then hang on until a small boat can go over and rescue you... we had two rescues that day.
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    We were visiting people in Casselman on the weekend. Their place backs onto the South Nation River, which is normally calm and fairly clear about now. Not this year - high, brown water flowing past at a good clip. We have already had more rain than in an average month. Any river diving hereabouts is a Braille drift dive, and you better have transport back.
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