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Thread: Shore Diving in Destin, FL

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    Shore Diving in Destin, FL

    Hello to all, We are taking a family vacation to Destin in a couple of days. Our first time there so we are excited. My question is about shore diving in Destin. There are several posts about it but they are so old and things do change. Any updated information, tips, tricks, locations and just cool stuff to check out underwater would be great. I just got my kids certified (12 & 13) and they can't wait to go diving in salt water. Thanks for any info.

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    I was there a couple of years ago & checked with the local dive shops that ran boats out to the local sites. I was just preplaning for my next trip there. They were helpful in telling about the area and their operation, what day & times. I checked from Gulf Breeze to Destin. About 4 different shops in about 30 miles east of Pensacola & across the bridge. Have fun.

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    Never been to Destin. Post a trip report when you get back. Tell us who you dive with, what you saw. Pros, cons, where to eat and not to eat. Etc....
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