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Thread: Diving on St. Kitts

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    Diving on St. Kitts

    We are diving St. Kitts the end of July, does anyone have a recommendation between the dive companies there? Thx

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    Dustin' up my membership here since I haven't been on this site in years.

    With that said, I was looking around since I'll be in St. Kitts next week and scheduled a couple of dives. There are two dive operators that I came across.... Pro Divers St. Kitts and Dive St. Kitts. I'm not going via cruise ship but appears both are very close to the cruise ship terminal. I decided to go with Dive St. Kitts because I was able to fit a snorkeling trip with them for my wife and son while I go diving. I spoke with a staff member at Dive St. Kitts and the booking was seamless. I'll have to report back after my trip.

    Good luck!

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