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Thread: Our Own Regs or Spare Air

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    Our Own Regs or Spare Air

    It has been a while since I have been on the forums, I have not gotten wet for over 8 years! Finally my youngest is 14 years old and getting his C card so I have a buddy again! Since we will be diving primarily on trips my plan was to sell off all of my gear that has been sitting in the closet for 8 years and buy a couple Spare Airs. I already know what most people think of them, and I agree for the type of diving I have done in the past (my 30CF pony system is one of the things for sale) but my reasoning is that we will be using rental equipment in countries with little or no regulations. I would rather have SOMETHING as a redundant source and we can fly with Spare Air.

    The question is, do you think I am better off doing that or getting my existing regs refurbished and traveling with those instead since I will know they are in good condition?

    Thanks, glad to be back!
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    I'd vote for getting your regs serviced, for the reason you mentioned, and use the $$ saved (from not buying the spare airs) to put towards a set of regs for your son.
    (Of course, after 8 years a refresher course for you might be a good idea.)
    Either way, enjoy your trip.

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    Buy some used rental regulators from you local dive shop at a good discount. Have them serviced.

    It is life support equipment. Don't trust rental gear in a third world country, especially the regulator and BC.

    Spare air is not the answer.
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