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Thread: What did you get for Christmas?

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    What did you get for Christmas?

    Santa was good to me this year. I am switching to sidemount diving for 2018. So I got an XDeep sidemount system plus two Atomic B2 regulators. Pool opens January 5th and my shop owner gets back from Bonaire January 7th. Hoping to get int he pool on the 5th and get a little training January 13th.

    Have a lot of diving planned for 2018 including a trip to North Carolina (torpedo alley), a trip to Tulum Mexico (cenotes) and lot of local diving in Toronto. Also going to Vancouver, BC for work and hope to get a little diving in on the west coast too.

    So what did you get for Christmas?
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    Got some gift cards to Amazon, Lowe's, Cracker Barrel, & IHOP resturant. I thinkitls a hint to take someone to eat at some places with the grand kids. and to fix some things around the house.

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    I bought myself a Christmas present. It's a new Dive Rite harness from Scubatoys so I can set up a dedicated cold water backplate/wing. Now I don't have to switch out my warm water 23# lift wing every time I dive cold water. I ordered a few other accessories too.

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    I know that at least six folks got personal sized compressors since that is how many I sent out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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