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Thread: Question about Nitrox use????

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    Question about Nitrox use????

    I'm going on a trip and have some questions about using Nitrox. I am certified and, have only used one time before.
    1st part of trip I can get nitrox for any of the dives. All dives here will be under 60 ft, most at the 25 to 45 ft range. Plus it will be only 2 dives a day and maybe one night dive. then I'll have almost 48 hours before begining the 2nd part.
    2nd part will be 2 dives a day for 3 days and maybe a night dive on the middle day. 1st day will be under 80 ft. 2nd day will be 110 ft for 2 dives with a possible night dive at 40 ft. 3rd day will be 60 to 80 ft. Then I'll have almost 36 hours before flying. on 2nd part I am limited to 2 tanks of nitrox by the dive op ( their rules????).
    My question is 1) would you use any Nitrox on the first part of the trip.
    2) which dives would you use the 2 tanks on on the 2nd part.
    I'm going back over my book to refresh my memory. I also have my on gauge/tester.
    Thanks for any opinions ya'll may have.

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    I would definitely use Nitrox on the second part. What are they mixing? Im guess 30% or 32%. First part would depend on BT and cost of nitrox.

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    Not sure on the mix but will test it myself. Probably 30 or 32. Thanks for the opinon.

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