My 9 year old granddaughter is shark-mad and we have promised that we will help her get certified soon after she turns 10 (PADI minimum). Her mother is also interested in taking the course, so I foresee a family dive trip in the offing. Sydney will turn 10 in Feb 2019 and the odd thing about Ottawa during that timeframe is that we have winter. The lakes and rivers have a foot or more of ice so Open Water dives in this area are out until late in the season (things sort of warm up by early July!). I don't see them doing much diving in this area (I don't dive here any more - I hate the cold, fighting current, and 10ft visibility. Give me the easy diving of the Caribbean!) I see a trip soon'ish after school lets out in May / June. All this is contingent on Sydney still being interested in sharks / diving in a year, and her meeting the swimming standards for the course.

So, should they do the classroom and pool dives here and the open water dives in a referral to an Southern operator? Or do the classroom stuff via e-learning, and the pool and open dives south? Does anyone have a recommendation for a kid-friendly dive op that is easy to get to, I can get in a few dives while they are in classes, and won't break the bank?