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Thread: Any Mountain Bikers here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuba-Bill View Post
    Mountain biking whenever I can, road biking when I have to...
    Know the feeling.. I have to drive 2 hours to get to a decent trail.. so I pretty much throw down on the road as much as I can then drive up to a trail when I can on the weekends.

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    Colorado, USA
    Are those the bikes with the fat, knobby tires? Sorry, been a hard core roadie since before mountain bikes existed. I even got a killer deal on a mountain bike 12 years ago, thought I'd give it a shot. Still in the basement, all shiny, after a few rides. And I here I am, in one of the world's mountain bike capitols (Durango, CO)!

    For me, it's like if I wanted to go out for a drive, would I want to bump around a dirt road in a Jeep, or cruise in a Ferrari? No contest! No offense, though, I'm all for anything with two wheels on it!

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    I'm with you Highdesert. I have a nice MTB, but rarely take it out, except on our family camping vacations. I enjoy riding it, but prefer the road.

    Every summer I do a charity relay across the country. This summer we cycled from Houston to Nashville to SC to Orlando (6 days, 24hr. relay). In the past I've done Houston to Edmonton, Alberta and Houston to Lake Tahoe (via the Mojave). Next summer, if my wife doesn't put her foot down, it's Houston to Kelowna, B.C.

    Rockhound, aka "Wrong Way", member of the Houston Police Bicycle Relay Team and parent of an honored patient (Leukemia research is our "cause")

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