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Thread: Why the price difference in these Zeagle regs?

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    Why the price difference in these Zeagle regs?

    Looking at the chart:

    Why does the ZX-Flathead VI cost $220 more than the ZX-50D? I know I have to be missing something.
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    The flathead has a more expensive first... but a lot of the disparity is Map pricing issues. If looking at putting together a zeagle reg setup - give us a shout on monday - we'll talk!

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    Larry did you ever put together a couple of options for the Zeagle reg package. I am very interested, my wife is currenlty going through her certification and when she completes it in a couple of weeks I plan on giving here my existing set-up (Titan LX Supreme and Calypso second) and purchasing a new set-up. I am really interested in a couple of key factors I am in Canada so I would like enviromentally sealed and must be suitable for cold water both the second stage and the octo. My current setup had the second stage on a 40" hose and the octo on a bungeed necklace (24" hose, I have a fathead) As well I the first stage must have 2 HP ports I plan on giving my wife my Cobra air-integrated and going to Wireless? Any suggestions???

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    Is the flathead that much better the the zeagle 50D?

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