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Thread: DIY Video Camera Housing

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    I like the second design of camera housing. I too have seen it before, but it looks like you need some special tools to make it.

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    Are there any off the shelf boxes that are water proof to 10-20' and have a clear side?

    I have a project I want to try next summer in the quarry... basically a 40 to 200mw green diode laser that runs thru high speed scanners and a computer controller board... so it's a bit of junk to go in a box, and ... the rough part is the power requirements are -12, +12, +5 ... so the battery setup is going to be nassssty. I think it's actually +15/-15 but since it's analog +12/-12 should work. Obviously used with caution due to the high output of the laser diode (will stick to 40mw prob).

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    So I started making a housing-season is over for me so I needed something to keep me busy. I am using 6 inch sched. 40 PVC. So far I have the front lens sealed in place with some 3m 5200 marine sealant and the tray for the camera is cut. I will try and get some pics up this week.
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    video housing.

    IMG_5517.JPGIMG_5179.JPGIMG_5518.JPGI made video housing OK to over 100 ft. and video of sharks in N.C. and Humpback whales. Now I use a GoPro. for the cost, you cannot beat it. Be sure to get the flat lens cover to screw in place.

    I show picture of my housing while filming whale close up.

    The trackbacks are for Videos I've done of humpback whale, ,sand tiger sharks, Ft. Lauderdale and some cool videos of Great white sharks. I hope you enjoy.

    I hope the trackbacks show up. if not, here are the ones you can maybe copy and paste. 3 videos are with music so full screen all and use music for 3 .
    shark dive Cape Hatteras - YouTube Devil's Den Diving trip. This is as exciting as a cave dive but not dangerous - YouTube matthew kinzelman’s Videos on Vimeo
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