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Thread: Server Switch Late Tonight

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    Not stoned just slightly narc'd

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    Larry who hosts your site it always seems to be rock solid and fast expecially with all the content. It is easily surfed without getting hung makes it nice with all the speed of pages loading.

    nuf said
    Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!
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    Thanks for the kind words. I'm using a company here in town called

    I've been with them for about 8 years now. Started out on a shared server, then went to a dedicated server, now I own 4 servers and still have them host them. The one that runs this site is running redhat enterprise 5. The ones running the e-commerce side are set load balanced...

    So I have lot's of redundancy...

    And all the servers are pretty blown quad processor machines.

    The tech guy there Martin is great. I've had little glitches now and then and I can call him at 11 at night, and he'll take care of it instantly. They also do nightly full backups and keep all updates patched constantly.

    I host a few friends sites on one of my servers as well... the trumpet player from my old band has a recording and video studio up in milwaukee, and I'm in the process of building a site for him: TBC Studios Milwaukee Video Production and Digital Recording Studios and within 15 mintues of sending an email to serverconcepts, they had the domain name server set and the mail configured for them. So yea... I'm pretty happy with them... and again, thanks for noticing!

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