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Thread: San Diego Fall Diving Recommendations?

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    San Diego Fall Diving Recommendations?


    I posted this same thread in "Southwest" by mistake and can't figure out how to remove it from there. Anyway, my buddy and I will be in San Diego, California, in late October or early November and would like to sneak in a dive or two. My buddy has logged about 40 dives, and I've logged 23. Both of us have some shore and boat experience. We would really like to see some black sea bass if they might be around then.

    Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!


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    no SD divers in here? i plan on making a trip down there as well and would like to hear what others have to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abunai671 View Post
    no SD divers in here? i plan on making a trip down there as well and would like to hear what others have to say.
    I'm not from San Diego. I live two hours north of there

    Take a boat out of Mission bay to "wreck alley". Conditions are good in the fall. It is a very short boat ride. The wrecks are not hard but not beginer dives due to depth and possable current. The "kelp forest dives" are pertty easy. Expect temps in the mid 50s and viz about 10 to 25 feet but I'm guessing on the viz.
    Unlike most california boat they include tanks and weights. There is some good shore diving in the area too but you'd need a local diver who could show you.

    Try these guys
    Dive Connections Inc. - Map & Directions

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