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Thread: Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 settings / adustments help!

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    Question Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 settings / adustments help!

    Hi guys,

    Just trying out a new Oceanic Delta 4 FDX10 and struggling a bit with the knobs and settings! I've read the instruction book that comes with it, but it doesn't actually make much sense - I obviously being a bit dumb!

    Now I know it's got a knob on the side to either increase, or decrease breathing resistance. I think I've sussed that if you turn the knob all the way towards you until it starts to 'click' thats maximum 'resistance'. If you turn it away from you until it stops and doesn't go any further then thats 'least resistance'. For anyone who uses this reg have I got this right? Where you say would be the ideal setting for normal diving - in the middle? In the book they say that if you are doing heavy work (finning in a strong current for example) you should turn it to least resistance. Does this offer much benefit, or is it just as easy to keep it tuned in to one setting and leave it.

    Also theres a predive -/+ on the top. Set to - its supposed to eliminate free-flow at the surface. When you are diving you are supposed to change it to + for 'optimal performance'. Forget to turn it back at the surface and sometimes it freeflows a good 'un. I don't really want to be changing this back and forward all the time, is it a good idea just to leave it in the - setting?

    Sorry for the all questions! I'd be much appreciative to anyone who can help!

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    You basically got it. Think of that as a dive - predive switch. Put it at negative at the surface - switch to + when you pop the reg in your mouth. Then just turn the know all the way to the easiest breathing. If it starts to have a tiny free flow - just back it off until it stops - then you shouldn't have to touch it throughout the dive unless someing strange happens - like swimming into a current and the pressure pushes on the diaphragm and makes it start to free flow a bit... then just back it down some more. Don't worry too much - it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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    Thanks for the advice Larry. I'll have a play with it. As by coincidence, this thread has also opened up. Great advice all round!

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    I can never remember which way is which for dive/pre-dive. But I know that if I'm hearing extra bubbles while underwater or a FF on the surface I need to turn it down.

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